Overview of file security & backups


HowNow X will keep 3 versions of each record as it is edited and a firm can restore one of these previous versions via the Records profile in HowNow X. 

Recycle Bin

HowNow X has a recycle bin function that any record that is deleted will be moved to the recycle bin, so is not permanently deleted until it is deleted from the recycle bin. A record can be restored from the recycle bin through HowNow X. 

14 Day Backup

Files are backed up daily and kept for 14 days - this will allow a file that has been permanently deleted from HowNow X to be restored if it was deleted within the past 14 days.

Disaster Recovery

HowNow X data and files are located in Microsoft Azure data centre in Sydney is synced for disaster recovery to Microsoft data centre in Melbourne. 

Advanced Sync (Additional costs apply) 

Advanced sync allows you to sync your HowNow X records to your own Microsoft Azure storage account. Click here for more information on this additional service. 

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