HowNow X & HowNow 5.2

There are currently two released versions of HowNow. 

HowNow X is HowNow in the cloud - see HowNow Features for all the functionality change in HowNow X.

HowNow 5.2 is the software that is installed locally on your own servers. 

Differences between the two versions:

FeatureHowNow XHowNow 5.2
Home PageNoYes
Organisation TabNoYes
TasksYesOptional Workflow module
Workflow (Jobs and Tasks)OptionalOptional
Connected PortalOptionalOptional
Export to ExcelYesYes
Knowledge and Records PreviewNoOptional
Document versions
Automatically included with 3 versions
Optional - number of versions saved is defined by the firm

Functionality Improvement in HowNow X

Grids and forms have been redesigned or refreshed to provide a more modern, cleaner and simpler experience without losing the HowNow familiarity.

Search items found are still numbered on the bottom of the grid, however the system only loads a page of documents at a time. This improves searchability.

When adding a new file a pop-up confirmation notification will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Information and details are more meaningful. Here you can see the Records Preview is not enabled on the system, and therefore you cannot enable it for the Employee.

Grouping details into categories has cleaned up the forms making for a better user experience.

Tabs in forms have been discarded or merged to make navigation easier. For example the profile picture is now included as part of the Profile tab.

Accessing and entering information is more streamlined. The 'Birthday' field has been modernised. Leave the year at 1900 if you do not wish to enter your year of birth.

Export to Excel is now available on all tabs. This button saves the data from the current search into an editable excel file. 

Scroll bars look much smarter and are only visible when the grid is activated.

Knowledge & Records Import and Export have been simplified to remove redundant features.

Ribbons on each tab may appear untouched. That's because the updates on each ribbon have mainly been completed behind the scenes. You may notice slight changes to the functionality. These changes have been made to keep search functionality robust and improve performance.

The Contact Select drop down won't be active until an Area is selected. 

Record Locations - the grid has had a complete overhaul. You will notice they work a little differently. Knowledge Document Filters will likely receive the same update in due course.

Administration Administrator tools are becoming more feature rich making your job easier. As an administrator you'll appreciate the changes to the Employee Select area.

Features Removed

Some redundant items have been removed from HowNow X. These include:

  • The organisation tab has been removed 
  • Jobs have been removed, but tasks are included as a standard feature. Full Workflow (jobs and tasks) can be included with the optional module.
  • Home and intranet pages have been removed
  • MailScan is not available in HNX
  • Alerts are not available in HNX
  • Option to include PaperBuster has been removed

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