Colours in a letter have changed after the merge process

If you are finding that the colours in a letter have changed after the merge process, the below steps should assist in resolving this for you.

Most of the colours in a letter are managed through the firms Master Style Template, a mismatch between the letter and the Master Style Template will mean that the letters style will be overwritten.

Before we begin:

In HowNow, navigate to Knowledge and locate the letter you are creating, double click the letter and take note of the Master Style Template being used, then close the profiling window.

  1. In Knowledge, expand the filters Document Type > Templates > Master Style.
  2. Locate the Master Style Template that you took note of earlier.
  3. Right-click the template and select Edit (This will create a new edition of the template and leave the current edition available for use by other staff).
  4. In Word, navigate to the Design tab (This will contain themes and other various tools), then click on the Colours button.
  5. In the list of Colours, select Office.
  6. Save the changes and close the template.
  7. HowNow will ask for a change log, enter details if required otherwise, just close the window.
  8. Right-click on the latest edition in HowNow Knowledge.
  9. Select Assign Current Status.
  10. Test with the letter that you are experiencing issues with.

If you are still experiencing colour issues with your letter or template, please create a support ticket and ensure to attach both the letter and the Master Style Template.

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