Cataloguing new office client files into an existing HowNow On Premise database

There are occasions when you will need to catalogue in additional client files into an existing HowNow On premise database. There are a number of things to consider and our team will work with you to get these files moved into HowNow. 

The steps below are general guidelines for the process of cataloguing in these files. 

  1. Business Fitness will book a scoping session with you to provide pricing and guidance for the best way to get these files into your existing HowNow database. 
  2. New office contacts available in HowNow 
    • Import into existing practice management system, this will sync new contacts into HowNow (Recommended) or;
    • Create data sync between new office practice manager and HowNow (Not recommended as consideration needs to be given for unique identifiers and how these will be dealt with) 
  3. The server that HowNow is on requires access to the new files that need to be catalogued
  4. Determine the record location structure for the new files
    • Are these files being catalogued to existing locations or;
    • Will these files have their own record location, IT may need to set up the back end security to match HowNow visibility - see this article
  5. Verifications are run by the Business Fitness team to determine if there is any clean up required by your firm prior to cataloguing. (This can be run multiple times as clean up is taking place)
  6. Decide on Go Live date for the new office or the date the files will be catalogued. All users need to be out of HowNow during catalogue process. 
  7. Book in training dates if applicable for new office. 
  8. Catalogue in records 
  9. Remove access to files that were catalogued or make the directory read only as you do not want users to be saving new files into the old location after catalogue has been completed. 

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