Client Keyword Search

The following Client Contact fields can be searched using keywords in the search bar.

You will need to press the Enter key to start a keyword search, the grid does not automatically show results.

Client Code



In the search bar type c:555 to search for '555' in any of the three fields.

Hit the Enter key to start the search.

This would return all records associated with a client that contain '555' in any of the three Contact fields, based on any other filters selected at the time.

You can also add additional standard search terms, after the initial keyword, to further refine the search.

c:555 green

If your additional search terms have a space (such as the Group Name in this example) use the following search criteria inside quotation marks, and press Enter.

c:"Pam's Uptown"

Please Note: The grids will stop searching until the enter key is pressed after typing the keyword search.

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