How to run a Data Integrity Check | HowNow 4

                Note: The Data Integrity Check will use a lot of system resources, please ensure the business has been notified before running as they will need to stay out of the application until it is                           complete.

Step 1.    Open the Data Integrity Check by clicking on the below menu items.

Step 2.    Once the Data Integrity Check screen is open, navigate to the Records Database tab and ensure the settings are exactly as listed below. Once you are sure you have ticked the right                         options, press the button.

Step 3.    After pressing , HowNow will ask if you wish to output to a log file. Please press .

Step 4.    After pressing , HowNow will ask you to choose where you want to save the Data Integrity Report and what you wish to name it. Please take note of where you save it and                 what it is called, as we will need this Data Integrity Report file. Once you have made your selection, press .

Step 5.    The Data Integrity Check process will now run through all your files and folder structure to look for any errors, files that have been missed or added separately from HowNow now. Once it                 has completed, you will get a message that looks like the following in the log. 

                Note: If you get any other message after your Data Integrity Check has completed, please contact Business Fitness Support on 1300 333 424 or via

                If it has completed, you will find the Data Integrity Report in your HowNow folder along with your application files and will appear as "HowNow Records Data Integrity Check" followed by a                 date and time stamp. Please send this file to your Business Fitness support representative via email or other agreed upon method for further analysis.

                Thank you for reading this guide. If you have any further issues or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Business Fitness Support on 1300 333 424 or via our email address       

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