Creating the Record Statuses & Location Used in the Portal

Before documents are uploaded to the portal, there are certain special record statuses that need to be established. This is usually done by the Business Fitness implementation team when establishing the portal.

Record Status

There are 3 new record statuses that we set-up ready for exporting and importing from the portal - these are:

  • Ready for Portal - assigning documents to be uploaded to the portal
  • Uploaded to Portal - this status is automatically assigned once a document has been uploaded to the portal
  • New Client File - this status is automatically assigned once a document has been downloaded from the portal

These Statuses can also be individually assigned to Employees who are able to change documents to these statuses. 

See this article for more information on setting up record statuses.

Only Documents with a Status of "Ready for Portal" can be uploaded to the Portal. Once documents have been assigned as Ready for Portal, anyone who has been set-up as an employee in the portal can upload documents.

Default Record Location

A default record location needs to be set for documents which are automatically downloaded from the portal into HowNow. This location may need to be changed annually if it is year based.

This is done from File > Administration > Records > Record Locations - it does require administrator access to HowNow and the Business Fitness support code to be changed.

See this article for more information on managing record locations.

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