Uploading Documents to the Portal

In most instances documents are uploaded to the portal from within HowNow. There are two types of uploads - documents uploaded for the clients to access and documents that require signatures. We use Adobe Sign for document signing in HowNow 5 and there are two types of signatures:

  • Simple Sign - this option means that the client signs the whole document in one place, there are no other signatures throughout the document.
  • Advanced Sign - with this option you can add signature, date and text fields throughout the document in the desired location. The client then signs or enters data in each of these designated areas.

Adobe Simple Sign is completed using the process shown below.

Adobe Advanced Signing is completed in the Portal - click here for instructions on how to do this. 

Uploading Records

Upload a document requires that the document has had the status set to "Ready for Portal/Upoad" - to do this right-click on the document and select the status.

When a document or documents have been flagged as "Ready for Portal/Upload" they can be exported to the portal in one bulk export. Select the document or documents, then right-click and select export

Then select "To the HowNow Portal"

Then select the filter required for the document(s) and click Next.

If the document does not require signing, select process on the next screen.

Select the Sign Document checkbox to setup Signing for the document. Wait for the each document to bring up the 'Portal Accounts to Sign' box (see further information below). Choose the Account you wish to sign the document, and Employee if needed. 

Click OK - this will take you back the Export Wizard each time to setup the rest of the documents.

Select the Disable All Notifications checkbox if you wish for NO notifications to be created for the life of the document. Be aware that Notifications for this document will need to come manually from your Firm - for example in an email. Use the Email Links provided after clicking on the Process button in the next box.

Click Process.

After the documents have been exported to the Portal you will receive notification of the success or failure of each document. 

Use the drop down arrow to see detailed upload results.

Use the email Links to manually send documents to Accounts. Usually this is only required if you have clicked the checkbox 'Disable All Notifications'. Click on the Email Link Envelope Icon, and a new email will open with the link inserted.

Signing Documents using AdobeSign

If you wish to use Adobe Advanced Signing, to setup extra fields for the Account to enter additional signing fields into the document, follow the steps above for uploading the document and then go to the portal to complete setting up the document for Adobe Advanced Signing.

*Note, if the document is a Word document, it will be converted to PDF during the upload process.

The next screen will prompt you to select the required account(s) and employee(s) to sign the document - if you are uploading multiple documents for signing you will be prompted individually for each document. Select the appropriate Account and/or Employee, click OK and then Process.

A notification email will be sent to the Account(s), with a link to the document asking them to sign, unless the Disable All Notifications checkbox is ticked.

After the Account(s) has signed the document, the Employee will receive an email notification informing them that the document now requires their signature - the email will include the link to the document. 

Once signed by all parties, the document will be automatically downloaded from the portal into HowNow - the document title will have "_Signed" attached to the name and will have the status of "New Client File".

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