OneNote Files

Microsoft OneNote is a note gathering tool for multi-user environments. It can include text, drawings, pictures and audio. Each individual note can include sections (tabs) and multiple pages in each section. 

A OneNote file looks like this:

Storing a OneNote is like creating a little mini directory structure and looks like this:

Because OneNote files are stored in a multi-folder, multi-file structure in Windows, they are treated in HowNow as an instance of data records.

***If you wish to use this feature, please contact our support team to ensure the application is set-up as a special type of data record (this requires a script to be run on your database).

When adding a OneNote file to records, you will receive this message, click OK to confirm.

After this point the HowNow Import Wizard will appear, where the client can be selected. Click next and you will be presented with the second screen of the OneNote Import as below where the Title of the document to be saved in HowNow can be modified.

After pressing next, you will be presented with a list of the files contained within the OneNote directory and may choose not to import all files.

The file will be saved in HowNow and when opened contains all of the sections and section groups created in the OneNote file. Further sections and section groups can be created and will be saved into the document in HowNow.

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