Searching in HowNow

Document Management systems like HowNow can be searched like an Internet Browser. However, it is best practice to use Filters which allows you to narrow your criteria to minimise the resource load on your Firm's systems. In many cases large firms have hundreds of users are searching hundreds of thousands of documents, therefore you filter criteria is important to get the most out of any Document Management System.

To Search in HowNow:

  • Use the Ribbon Filter to choose a Client, Area, Date or even Status to narrow your search criteria.
  • Enter search words in the search bar. In HowNow 5.2 the search functionality has changed, so you will need to press Enter to search on your text. This is to minimise the load on your Firm's resources when searching through thousands of documents.

The number of documents found is displayed in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen (e.g. '1 of 283'). You can scroll through the search results list using your mouse and the scroll bar on the right of the screen, or by using the up and down keys.

  • Opening documents. To open a document, record, contact, job or task, double-click the row the record or document is on.
  • Clearing search results. To clear the current search results, either press the Esc key or click the red  'X' button to the left of the Search bar.  Click the 'Clear & Reload Filters' option to reset the default filters.

Filter selections remain when moving between tabs to enable efficient use of each area of HowNow. Some can even be set as defaults in your personal settings. Others are set across the Firm by the System Administrator.

Advanced Search Tips

Search operator 'AND'

When you type two or more words into the search entry field, HowNow assumes there is an AND between the words. For example, if you type in leave planner, HowNow searches for document profiles that contain BOTH the words “leave” and “planner”, but not only the phrase “leave planner”.

Searching for 'phrases'

To search for document profiles that contain only a particular phrase, type quotation marks around the phrase. For example, type “leave planner”, not leave planner.

Search operator 'OR'

To search for document profiles containing ANY of the keywords you enter, type or between the keywords. For example, if you are searching for Items in HowNow that contain EITHER “leave” OR “planner”, type leave or planner into the keyword entry field (i.e. include the “or” between the words). Do this now, and notice the different search results you get searching on leave or planner compared to searching on leave planner.

Search operator 'NOT'

To search for documents that contain a particular keyword, but NOT another particular keyword, type the NOT operator between keywords when searching in HowNow. Also, NOT can be used before a keyword to display all items except the specified keyword. For example, entering courier not log would display all items containing the keyword courier but NOT the keyword log. Not log would display all items EXCEPT those containing the keyword log.

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