Right-click menu in Contacts

Right-click an entry in the Search Results list to display these menu options:


  • View – opens the Contact Details for viewing (and editing if the user can edit contacts) - it is the same function as double clicking. 
  • Email (F7) – creates an email from the contact's email address. 
  • File Note (F9) - creates a file note for the selected contact. 
  • Refresh (only available if the user is a Contact Data Updater) - refreshes the contact data in HowNow from the external data source. 
  • Invite to Portal (only available if the HowNow Portal is installed) - allows you to give a client access to the portal.
  • Add Portal Account - allows you to add an additional account to have access to this client's files on the portal.
  • Disconnect from the Portal - if the client is already set-up on the portal, they can be disconnected (usually if they are no longer a client).
  • New (only available if the user can add contacts) - creates a new contact record. 
  • Edit (only available if the user can Edit contacts) - opens the contact profile dialog for edit. 
  • Delete (only available if the user is a HowNow Administrator) - deletes one or more contacts provided they don't have any records attached. 

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