Previewing Documents

The preview function in HowNow creates greater efficiency when looking for documents as you are able to determine the contents of the document prior to opening.

Before documents can be previewed this option needs to be turned on by your HowNow Administrator. Optionally previewing can be turned on for the firm, but turned on/off at the employee level or for just Knowledge or Records. 

Previews show in the right-hand pane of the knowledge grid. Most document types can be previewed including Word, Excel, PDF, emails. Documents that include macros such as .docm and .xlsm cannot be previewed.

The docking pin enables the preview pane to move out of sight when not required. When un-docked, press the far right "Knowledge Preview" to show a preview of the document. 

When the preview pane is docked, highlighting a document in the grid will show the preview. 

The area used by the preview pane can be determined by the user and the settings will be remembered on restarting HowNow.

See System Settings for details on where to change this option.

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