Concepts for the HowNow Administrator

The following concepts are very important for your HowNow Administrator to understand. There may seem to be subtle differences between Active and Inactive Items, Approved and Unapproved Items, and Current Editions; or between Items, Profiles, Documents and Editions and Records, but these are concepts that a HowNow Administrator must fully understand, in order to be effective in the role.

Definition: A Profile is a collection of metadata about an entry in HowNow. The Profile specifies the entry’s Title, Description, and other attributes depending on the type of entry.

Note: "Metadata" simply means "information about information", usually to help in locating the information at a later date.

Records Section 

A Record in HowNow is an entry in the Records section of the HowNow database. When you do a search in HowNow Records, the search results list contains Records. A record is made up of two things: A Profile and a related document or email.

Records Status 

The record status specifies the stage a record has reached in its normal processing life and whether it is editable or not.  By default, a record's status is set to 'Draft' when it is created and it is editable. Once it is ready for review its status is changed to 'Review', and so on until the status is set to 'Final' when the record is, in paper-based terminology, ready for filing.

The record status is an important filter as it reduces clutter in the search results list and, in conjunction with the Role and Person filters, allows people responsible for the various stages of a record's life to instantly view only those records they are interested in.

Note: Editable records show in red on the search results list; non-editable records show in blue.

The list of record statuses supplied with HowNow is editable by the administrator.

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