Assigning Documents to a Content Module

Only Administrators or Content Administrators can perform this function.

The following procedure assumes you have first created a Content Module. Refer to Creating New Content Modules if you have not already done this.

To assign an Item (document) to a Content Module:

  • Search for the Item in the HowNow Knowledge area so that it appears in the search results list.
  • Right-click on the Item and select Profile. The "Edit Document Profile" dialog will appear.

Go to the Advanced tab

Click the New button that is next to Content Module list (middle of the screen). The "Content Module Select" dialog will appear

Select the row containing the Content Module to which you wish to assign the Item, and then click the Assign button. The Content Module Select dialog will close, returning you to the "Edit Document Profile" dialog. Notice that the Content Module you assigned is now listed in the Content Module list.

      Note: Click once on the row to select it—do not double-click the row. Double-clicking the row is equivalent to clicking the Edit button—this will instead display the Content Module Details dialog.

Click OK.

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