Job Details Report

This report lists details for jobs selected in the search results.

It shows the start, due and completion dates and calculates the day budget and variances for budget and actual units and value.

To run this report, Job Details from the Job tab

  1. Unselect the Headings checkbox if you do not wish report headings to appear. This is useful if you intend exporting the report to Excel or a text file.
  2. Click Screen to display the report before printing it. (Then click the Print icon on the Search Results dialog.) Click Printer to print the report without first displaying it on the screen.

Note: to save a report to a file, first display the report, then click the Save Report button. Enter a file name (including extension) in the file name field and then select the type of file from the Save as Type drop-down list. Click Save to save the report.

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