This area is accessed from File > Options

Alerts are available as reminders about items that require action.

Alerts Enabled: check this box to enable all alerts. The other fields on this tab will then become available.


Alert Name: check this box to enable the individual alert area.


Alert Type: select the type of alert to be received. The options are:

      User Select: allow each user to specify their own settings.

      HowNow Alert: display an alert message in the bottom left of the screen.

      Email: send alerts via email.


Alert Frequency: select the frequency with which alerts are to be displayed. The options are:

      User Select: allow each user to select their own settings.

      As Events Occur: alerts are sent immediately.

      1 Day: delay sending by 24 hours.

      3 Days: delay sending for 3 days.

      7 Days: delay sending for 7 days.

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