Workflow Tab

This area is accessed from File > Options

Name for 'Job': The text entered here will be used instead of the word 'Job' wherever it appears in HowNow.


Enable Job Numbering: Check this box to allow the use of job numbers. Job numbers can be up to 12 alphanumeric characters in length.


Next Job Number: Only available if Job Numbering is enabled.

If automatic numbering is required, enter the word AUTO.  In this case HowNow will automatically assign a unique number to each job. The format of the number will be 6 digits, left padded with zeros. To change this format, enter # characters after 'AUTO' to specify the number of characters to output. Alphanumeric characters are allowed as well. For example, AUTOJ#### would result in the first number being J0001.

To manually control the job number sequence, enter the starting job number in the sequence. Alphanumeric characters are allowed. For each new job created, HowNow will increment this value from right to left as in J100A8, J100A9, J100B0, J100B1, etc.


Minutes per time unit: The value entered here is used to convert activity time into time units. If no conversion is required, enter 1.


Job Title Includes Contact: Check this option to automatically include the contact's name in the job title. The default is checked.


Automatically Start Task when Activated: If this option is checked, tasks are automatically started when they are activated.


Colours: This section specifies the colour of the status in the job and task search results lists. 


Default Button: Click this button to reset the colours to their default values.

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