Records Tab

This area is accessed from File > Options

Setup Mode: Check this option to disable all record storage operations while the Records module is being configured. Once Records has been configured, uncheck this option to resume normal record storage.


Single Character Index Folder: This option specifies that a single character index folder is automatically created when a contact record is stored. The folder name is the first character of the contact identifier. For example …\A\Adams, John or …\B\Bellows Pty Ltd. This field is ignored if the record being saved is any type other than a contact.


Force Partner Selection: If checked, this option forces users to select a partner from the partner drop-down lists when creating records. If this option is not checked, users are not forced to select a partner.
Regardless of this setting, if the contact database has a PartnerName, PartnerInitials, ManagerName or ManagerInitials field, HowNow will retrieve the Partner and Manager names from the contact details instead of from the Partner and Manager drop-down lists.


Enable Folder Monitoring: This option enables HowNow Folder Monitoring. This feature automatically monitors a selected user's folder (watch folder) for new documents and prompts to add them to HowNow. Each user in HowNow has to be enabled before this feature can be used. See Employee Details.


Allow record Duplication: Switch this option off if the firm's policy is not to allow record duplication. The default  is on.

Only Email/Copy Final Records: This option prevents records being emailed/copied unless their status is final.

Save To Parent Contact: This option specifies that records created by MailScan are to be saved to the parent contact and not the actual contact. The contact's GroupName field specified the client code of its parent.

Default Date Range: Use this option to set the default date range on the Records Tab. The options are:

User Select - Allow users to set their own default.
A Fixed Time Period - For example, 7 Days.

Smart Link Prefix - adds a contact identifier to the beginning of the smart link to enable easier identification of a document - options are:


Entity Name

Client Code

Linking Options

Enable Linking: This option enables the linking of related records via a link code. If a linked record is clicked in the search results screen, a list of related records will be displayed in a panel at the bottom of the screen.
A link code can be up to 12 alphanumeric characters long and is usually the job code associated with the record.

Link Name: Use this field to change the name of the link field displayed in HowNow. The default is 'Link'.

Filter Linked Records: Forces HowNow to apply all filters to linked records. The default (off) is to not filter linked records except for the contact filter.


Version Control - this option allows a new version of a record to be created each time it is edited. 

Select Enable Versioning to activate this option

Optionally select the Maximum Number of Versions to be created - leave blank if no limit is required.

FTP Website Details: Used to record the default FTP website details for use when exporting documents or records.

Default Website Address: The FTP address to be shown as the default. 

Username and Password: The user name and password for the above address.


Email Contact Auto-selection Domain Exclusion List

This area lists the domains that are excluded from auto-selecting a contact when filing an email - these are domains that would be common to many clients. Examples are:

These can be added to at any time.

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