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This area is accessed from File > Options

Knowledge Management

  • Force Revision Note on Edit: Check this option to force a note to be entered whenever a document is edited.
  • Enable Default Prompt on Master Style Change: When generating a merge document, if the user selects a different master style template, a message will appear asking the user if they want to set the particular master style template as the default.
  • Topics Enabled: This option allows the topic filters system to be switched off if it isn't being used.
    Note: if this option is switched off, the following option is disabled.

  • Show Topics First in Filter List: This option allows the topic filters to be shown first in the filter list. The default is to show topics as the last entry in the list.
  • Colours: This section specifies the colour of the edition number on both non-current and current documents shown in the search results.



  • Refresh Every "X" Days: HowNow will automatically refresh its copy of your contact database at the interval you specify here. If contacts are added to or deleted from your contact database on a daily basis, enter 1 so that HowNow updates its copy of your client database each day. If client records in your database do not change very frequently, enter a higher number so that the data is refreshed at appropriate intervals. HowNow refreshes its copy of your client database in the background, when the HowNow Administrator logs into HowNow. To force HowNow to refresh its copy of the contact database, use File > Administration > Force External Data Refresh.

            Note: To schedule automatic refreshes more frequently than one day, see Data Refresh in the Contacts Ribbon.

  • Show Contacts Tab: Check this box to display the contacts tab.

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