This area is accessed from File > Options. The Home Tab only displays documents from the Knowledge area of HowNow.

Enable HowNow Home Tab: This field enables/disables the Home Page feature.


Allow Home URL Change: Select this checkbox if users are allowed to change the home page web address.

Home URL: This field specifies the default web page URL that is opened when the Home Page is displayed. The default is the HowNow web Server address, ‘http://localhost:8888/hownowhome’.


Home Page Templates: This field allows the location of the Home Page templates to be customised.


Show Employee Contact: Show/hide employee contact details on the Home Page. 


Home Page Columns: Specifies the number of columns to use to display employee contact details on the Home Page.


Show Birthdays and Anniversaries: Show/hide employee birthday and anniversary details. Each employee must be have their birthday and anniversary details set in their personal record.


Number of Days: Specifies how many days ahead HowNow looks to determine if a birthday or anniversary is due.


Show News Items: Show/hide News list items.


Show New Documents: Show/hide documents created in the last 14 days.


Show Today's Date: Show/hide today's date at the top of the page.


Show Recent: Show/hide documents opened in the last 14 days.


Show Favourite: Show/hide Favourites list items.


Show RSS Feeds: Show/hide the RSS feeds section.


Server Name: Allows the server hosting the HowNow Web Server to be changed. The default is the server hosting the Firebird database server - if the Web Server is on the same saver as the Firebird Database server, this should be left blank.


News feeds: This section allows news feeds that are displayed on the Home Tab to be added, edited or deleted. 


Default Button: Click this button to reset the Home Tab fields to their default values.