System Settings

This area is accessed from >File > Options


  • Guest User Disabled: Only select this checkbox once HowNow has been set-up. When this checkbox is unselected, one "guest user" will be allowed to enter HowNow. This is important during the initial set-up phase before you have set up the Employee Database.
  • Users do not need to log on: When this checkbox is selected, users are not required to enter their username and password each time they enter HowNow. This makes using HowNow more convenient.

          Note: Users are still required to have a username and optionally, a password, but this option logs them on automatically when they open HowNow.

  • Log-On as a New User Password (Optional): Enter a password into this field if one is required when logging-on as another user via File > Info > Logon a New Person.
  • Disable Add-In Manager on Startup: This may be useful in a terminal server environment (available from v5.0.0.152).



  • Show Last Name, First Names: By default, HowNow displays people’s names in the form First Name Last Name. Select this checkbox if people’s names are to be displayed as Last Name, First Name.
    Note: this setting is not used when saving records to the Team storage area. In this case, names are always stored as Surname, First Names.
  • Open at Tab: Select the tab that is opened when HowNow starts. The options are:
    User Select – Allow each user to select their own tab.
    Last Opened – Open at the last tab viewed.
    Tab Name – Opens at the selected tab.
  • Allow Own Profile Edit: Allow users to edit their own profile details.


Email Client

  •  Email Client: Select the type of email client installed. This determines which email client is in use.



  • Search Results Fetch Count: Allow the user to retrieve documents in batches. Click on the result (>1000) on the bottom of the grid to retrieve more (available from v5.0.0.152).
  • Clear Search on Tab Change: when this is unchecked, the system retains the search criteria set on each individual tab e.g. Knowledge and Records.
  • Recycle Bin: This option controls the recycle bin. When it is on, any deleted documents, records, jobs or tasks are held in the recycle bin instead of being immediately deleted. The administrator can empty the recycle bin and permanently delete the items when required.
  • Use Windows Explorer for Moving and Copying Files - when permissions are moving correctly with files added to HowNow this can fix the issue by using a different way to move/copy the file.


Display Settings

  • Display Ribbon Logo: Selecting this option shows the "HowNow Brown Cow" logo
  • Allow Knowledge Preview: Select this option to allow users to enable/disable the preview pane in Knowledge. If not selected, users will not be able to access the preview pane. 
  • Allow Records Preview: Select this option to allow users to enable/disable the preview pane in Records. If not selected, users will not be able to access the preview pane.
  • Maximum Preview File Size (Kb): Allows the administrator to set a firm wide maximum preview size to increase the performance of searching in the grids.

Setting the Preview functions

  • Ultimately the Administrator can turn these functions on or off in >Options >System Settings. No one will be able to turn this function on unless it is turned on again from this area.
  • Secondly, the Administrator can assist the user by managing these functions via their Employee profile >File >Administration >Employees >Edit user
  • Lastly, the Employee can choose to turn them off or on individually through >File >My Personal Details.

**Some of these settings may need a restart of the User's HowNow to take effect

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