Job Statistics

This report lists the statistics for jobs for a given period. Period selections are last week, last month, last quarter, last 12 months, last financial year or select range. The report shows the number of jobs started and not started and calculates the on-time/early to late ratio and the best, worst and average job turnaround time and dates to start. 


The activity reports shows a list of time spent by team members on particular jobs. Report options include by job, by contact or by person. 

  1. Choose the Report By area. The options are:
    • Job (default) 
    • Contact 
    • Person
  2. Select a job, contact or person or a range of jobs, contacts or persons from the drop-down list. The default is the job selected in the search results list. 
  3. Choose a standard Date Range or choose Select Range and enter a From and To date.
  4. Choose Don't report units less than if you don't want to see transactions with units less that the specified value.
  5. Uncheck Detailed if you don't want to see all the transactions.
  6. Click Screen to display the report before printing it. 

Completed Jobs

This report is useful to determine how long jobs take to complete and to identify potential bottlenecks during certain phases of the job cycle.The following job details are being reported on:

  • Number of days jobs take to complete during a specified period 
  • Number of days to complete a task for a particular job 
  • Actual completion date of jobs 
  • The team member to whom a job was assigned to 
  • The team member who completed a particular task 
  • Client Name 
  • Job Name 
  • Numbered listing of all tasks for job type, with tasks not found in job template clearly marked 
  • The year (file location) where the job is stored 

Select the following options:

Date Range: The period during which jobs have been completed.

Show Task Assigned to Initials: Optional report setting to identify which member completed a particular task in a job.


  • First Task for Job: Click on the label to change the colour to identify the first task for the particular job.
  • Job Completed Date: Click on the label to change the colour to identify when task’s completed date is the same as job completion date. This is useful to identify team members who do not complete their tasks as they complete them.
  • Task Not Found In Template: Click on the label to change the colour to identify tasks that have been added to the job but is not found within the job task template.

 Job Types: Select one or more Job Types to report on.

Note: Jobs are grouped by Job Types and sorted by team members to whom the jobs have been assigned to.

Note: to save a report to a file, first display the report, then click the Save Report button. Enter a file name (including extension) in the file name field and then select the type of file from the Save as Type drop-down list. Click Save to save the report.

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