HowNow Add-in Manager

This area is accessed from File > System Tools > General

The HowNow Add-in Manager provides additional functionality in Microsoft Windows and Office making it easier to interact with HowNow. Any Add-ins that require Administrator rights to be installed will have the shield icon.

Smart Links
The HowNow Smart Links are a way to create a hyperlink outside of HowNow that will open HowNow Documents. Opening Knowledge Documents and Records via a Smart Link has the added advantage of being able to use Merge Letters and ensure that the Record Status and Audit Trails are accurate. For detailed information see 
HowNow Smart Links.

Smart Links Security Protocol

Adds HowNow Smartlinks to the list of trusted URL protocols for Microsoft Office

Email Manager
The HowNow Email Manager provides an easy to way add Emails from Microsoft Outlook into HowNow. It
 is installed as an Add-in in Microsoft Outlook.

By default the HowNow Email Manager adds the following to the Microsoft Outlook window:

  • an "Add to HowNow" button on the Outlook menu bar.
  • a HowNow folder under the Inbox of Outlook.

For detailed information about email manager, see Email Manager and Email Manager Options.

Email Security Manager
The HowNow Email Security Manager allows HowNow to communicate with Outlook for the purpose of sending emails from HowNow.

Office Add-in
The HowNow Office Add-in adds interaction between HowNow and Microsoft Office to enable documents to be saved  directly from Word or Excel into HowNow Records. When using this option, the document will close, save into HowNow, then reopen the saved record for editing.

See Office Add-in for more details.

Document Converter Printer
The Document Converter Printer can be used as a printer from anywhere in Windows applications to print to PDF and have the file added to HowNow. 

See Document Converter Printer for more details.

Document Converter Configuration Settings

These configuration settings allow the Document Converter to communicate with HowNow to save a document after printing using the Document Converter Printer.

Microsoft Office File Property Reader
The Microsoft Office File Property Reader helps with the adding of Documents to HowNow by reading the Office Properties from Microsoft Office documents as they are loaded. If information is added to these properties in Microsoft Office and HowNow can recognise them they will be loaded into the profile of the document. This becomes particularly helpful when loading a large number of documents into HowNow with the Load Existing function of Documents. Please call Business Fitness Support for more information on this feature.

Windows Send to HowNow Menu
This creates a Send to HowNow option on the Windows Explorer Send To menu, allowing the easy adding to HowNow of any file anywhere in Windows.

Image Manipulation
This add-in installs files which are required for HowNow MailScan, Import and Preview functions to work correctly.

The Add-in Manager can be disabled system wide.

In System Options >System Settings the following checkbox is available.

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