Check for Content Updates

If your organisation subscribes to a HowNow content product, such as HowNow Accountants Content, it is the responsibility of the person assigned as the Content Updater to download the Content Updates. See People Details for o to download the Content Updates. See Employee Privileges for information on how to assign a Content Updater.

Depending on the product, the updates might be monthly, quarterly, annually, or as required.

If the HowNow Administrator has selected the File > System Options > Updates tab settings of Internet Access Available and Automatically Check For Updates, HowNow will automatically check for available Content Updates once a day when the Content Updater logs into HowNow.

The following procedure describes how to manually check for Content Updates: 

  1. Select File > System Tools > General > Content Updates. If internet access is available, the Content Update Wizard dialog will appear with a list of the available Content Updates.

  2. If no Content Updates are available, dialogue will show the Release Number and Current - no updates are available. If Content Updates are available, click the Update button.

  3. Follow the prompts until the download process is completed.

  4. On completion of the download process, a Content Update Review dialog will appear.

  5. Choose Leave them on my review list for later review if the new or updated documents are to be reviewed or Accept them to make them available to all team members if you want to make all of the new and updated documents made current and visible to all team members without a review (recommended option).

  6. If the option selected above is Leave them on my review list for later review, the downloaded items will appear on the Content Updater’s Review list.

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