HowNow Watch Folder

The Watch Folder is a setting that allows Users to move documents (usually in bulk) to a folder that is Monitored by HowNow.

If a User's watch folder is set-up and enabled, HowNow will automatically check for files located in the nominated folder. If files are found, the HowNow profiling wizard will appear. You can add the files to HowNow, or cancel and skip all remaining files in the folder. These files will still be available for filing at a later time.

To enable the use of Watch Folders on the system go to:

>File >Options >Records Tab and >check 'Enable Folder Monitoring'

To setup the Watch Folder for the User go to:

>File >Administration >Organisation >Employees >select the Employee and Edit >Other Settings >check the 'Monitor a Folder for New Records' box

>add the file location for HowNow to Monitor

*You must close HowNow and restart in order to use folder monitoring

Troubleshooting & Tips:

  • If you have enabled the WatchFolder in the System settings and can't update the User settings, uncheck the 'Enable Folder Monitoring' box and check it again in the System settings. Click OK to save the Settings.
  • Make sure the Folder (file location/path) is created and empty before setting it up in the User settings.

Placing the Client Code in front of the file name will provide another automated step. When the New Profile Wizard pops up it will automatically populate the Client field.

The following combination of separators will work.

Client001[space]Personal ITR Smart Workpapers.doc

Client001[spacehyphenspace]Personal ITR Smart Workpapers.doc

Client001[hyphen]Personal ITR Smart Workpapers.doc

Client001[underscore]Personal ITR Smart Workpapers.doc

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