Record Status

This area is accessed from File > Administration > Records

By default, records are labelled as Draft, Review, Approved or Final depending on their status. These status descriptions can be changed (with a few provisos), deleted or new ones created.

The last status description (Final) can be changed but it cannot be deleted or moved from the last position. The Final status (and those flagged as 'Final') have a special meaning in HowNow. Final records are not editable.

New Button and Edit Button: Displays the Record Status Details dialog and allows new status descriptions to be created or existing ones to be edited.

Description: Enter a unique description for the status. 

Default File Extensions: This is a list of file extensions to automatically select the default status of a record. For example, the Final status would normally have PDF as one of its extensions.

Status Type: Specifies the type of status. The options are:

Normal: Any status other than the next two types.

Review: Identifies this entry as a review status. This allows HowNow to trigger an alert if a status is changed to Review.

Final: Identifies this entry as a 'Final' type status. This makes statuses other than those described as Final behave in exactly the same way as the 'Final' status and effectively allows more than one Final status. 

Read Only: Check this box to make records with this status read-only. Read-only records are shown in red on the search results screen.

Status Colour: Select the colour used to display records with this status in the search results.

Default Mail In Status: this is the default status that is used when importing documents using MailScan.

New Client Files from HowNow Portal: This is the status that will be applied to files coming into HowNow that a client has uploaded to the portal or files that have been signed in the portal.

Ready for Upload to HowNow Portal: The is the status that will signify that files are ready to be exported to the HowNow Portal.

Uploaded to HowNow Portal: This is the status that will be applied to documents that have been exported to the HowNow Portal.

Delete Button: Delete the selected description if it is not currently in use.

The Order of the status descriptions can be changed by using drag and drop.

Note: The position of Final cannot be changed.

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