Standard Record Titles

This feature allows a list of standard record titles to be created by the firm and stored in the HowNow database. These titles can then be selected from a drop-down list when creating new records.

Various fields and functions can be embedded in standard titles to automatically customise them. For example, inserting [YYYY] in a title will result in the current year being embedded when the record is created. This means that a new title doesn't have to be created each year. See below for a full list of fields that can be embedded in any record title.

Note: this feature is also available when entering  titles manually.

To create new standard titles or edit existing ones, go to File > Administration > Records > Standard Record Titles.

The Standard Record Titles Select dialog appears.

Click the New button to add a new standard title or select an existing title and click the Edit or Delete to edit or remove the title.

Embedded Functions and Fields

If HowNow encounters text enclosed in square brackets in a title, it replaces the text with its translated value. For example, [YYYY] is translated into the current year.

Note: if the text between the square brackets cannot be translated, HowNow removes the text and the square brackets. 

Following is the full list of possible functions and fields:

[RECORDID] - the record ID number.

[YYYY] - the current year.

[FY] - the current financial year in the form YYYY-YYYY. For example, 2016-2017.

[LFY] - the previous financial year in the form YYYY-YYYY. For example, 2015-2016.

[MM] - the current month.

[DD] - the current day.

[DD-MMM-YYYY] - today's date in the form Day-Month Name-Year.

[DD-MM-YYYY] - today's date.

Note: the use of the slash character is not allowed as it is illegal in a title of a record.

Note: any date variation is possible. For example, [YYYYMMDD] would embed the date in reverse order.

[CONTACT FIELD NAME] - any field from the contact details. For example, [ENTITYNAME] inserts the contact's entity name. See Merge Documents for details of contact field names.

[EMAILTYPE] - adds either "to" or "from" depending on whether the email being added was sent or received.

[EMAILSUBJECT] - adds the subject from the email to the title of the new record.

[EMAILCONTACT] - HowNow attempts to extract the contact from the Email, if it cannot extract the Contact Name HowNow will use the email address.

Check Default Email Title if this standard record title is to be the default used for filing emails.

When saving an email using the email manager you will see the Default Email Title take effect on the second profiling window, after the contact details are filled out in the first profiling window.

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