The purpose of Topics in HowNow is to group like documents together to aid searches in the Knowledge area. With one click on a Topic filter, every document relating to that Topic is displayed. Searches on keywords can then be done within that topic. Topics are particularly useful if you have a group of documents that you regularly send to clients.

A document can be assigned multiple Topics.

To modify or create Topics, first select File > Administration > Knowledge > Topics. The Topic Editor dialog appears.

  1. Click New or Edit, the Topic Details dialog appears.
  2. To create a sub-Topic, select the main Topic, select Sub-Level, and then click New.
  3. To rename a Topic you have created, select the Topic and click Edit.
  4. Enter the description for the topic.
  5. Hint (optional) - Enter a hint to be displayed whenever the cursor is positioned over this topic in the left filter panel.
  6. To change the sequence of the Topics, you can drag and drop the Topics. Click on a Topic and drag and drop it on to another Topic. If you have Same Level selected when you drop the Topic, it will be a Topic at the same level as the Topic you dropped it on. If you have Sub-Level selected when you drop the Topic, it will be a Sub-Topic of the Topic you dropped it on.

Click OK when done. The new or edited Topic(s) will appear in the left pane of the Knowledge screen.

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