Procedural Areas

HowNow is supplied with various pre-defined Procedural Areas. We recommend that you do not delete or rename existing Procedural Areas. If you delete a Procedural Area and later receive a HowNow content update that contains documents relating to that Procedural Area, that Procedural Area will be added back to your HowNow list of Procedural Areas.

You do not need to add any new Procedural Areas - discuss this with your HowNow Implementation Team before you add new Procedural Areas, as it is important you do not create too many Procedural Areas, as this could make HowNow more difficult—not easier—to use.

Modify Document Types in one of two ways.

1. Right-Click in the Document Filters Grid

2. select File > Administration > Knowledge > Procedural Areas. The Procedural Area Editor dialog appears.

  1. Click New or Edit, the Procedural Area Details dialog appears.
  2. To create a Sub-Procedural Area, select the main Procedural Area, select Sub-Level, and then click New.
  3. Enter a description for the procedural area.
  4. Hint (optional). Enter a hint to be displayed whenever the cursor is positioned over a document type in the left filter panel.
  5. To rename a Procedural Area you have created, select the Procedural Area and click Edit. (Remember, avoid renaming standard Procedural Areas that were included with HowNow.)
  6. To change the sequence of the Procedural Areas, you can drag and drop the Procedural Areas. Click on a Procedural Area and drag and drop it on to another Procedural Area. If you have Same Level selected when you drop the Procedural Area, it will be a Procedural Area at the same level as the Procedural Area you drop it on. If you have Sub-Level selected when you drop the Procedural Area, it will be a Sub-Procedural Area of the Procedural Area you drop it on.
  7. Click OK when done. The new or edited Procedural Area(s) will appear in the left pane of the Knowledge screen.

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