Teams are used to group team members. In an accounting firm, for example, teams might be structured around Partners or Client Managers.

This module allows teams to be created, edited or deleted.

Team Based Security allows teams to be used to restrict visibility of certain documents to the members of teams.

  1. Select File > Administration > Organisation > Teams. The Team Select dialog appears.
  2. Click New to create a new team description or select an existing team and click Edit to edit a team description or Delete to delete a team description.
  3. If New or Edit is clicked, the Team Details dialog appears. Enter or change the description and/or password.
  4. If you select to Delete a team that is in use, you will receive a message saying that the team is in use and deletion is prohibited.
  5. Click Close when finished creating or editing teams.

**If you are the Owner of a Team you wont be prompted for a password when editing Team details and assigning Employees to Teams.

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