Task Management

The HowNow Task Management system records details of tasks to be processed. Tasks are normally created by jobs but they can also be created independently. In other words, job tasks can be interspersed with non-job related tasks, including personal tasks.

A person with Admin, Partner or Manager rights can force all of a job’s task’s statuses to be set to Complete.

When a job's task is set to Complete, and later tasks exist for that job, the next task is Activated. An activated task is one that is ready to be started.

If the system option, Automatically Start Task when Activated, is checked, the next task is automatically started. 

Unless the employee option, Can Start Inactive Tasks, is checked, inactive tasks can only be started by completing the previous task.

A document or record can be attached to and processed or edited from a task.

If a record is opened from a task, HowNow prompts to change the attached task’s status when the record is closed and records the time the record was opened.

Tasks Tab

The Tasks Tab consists of the standard HowNow search field, filter options and the search results list. 



The Status filter drop-down lists all the Job/Task statuses that have been created - the standard options are:

All Tasks

Incomplete (default)



Not Started

Wait Client

On Hold

The Date Range filter has the options:

Due Date

Start Date

Completed Date

The search results list can be ordered by any column by clicking the column title.

The Employee filter has the following options. With each of these options, a drop-down list allows a person to be selected.






Inactive Only

Assigned To

Assigned By

The Select Job filter drop-down list allows all jobs or an individual job to be selected.


The search results screen shows the Due Date, Title, Status, Owner and Job Code (if applicable) for each selected task (these can be changed by an Administrator from the Display Fields Editor). Future tasks are coloured green, tasks due today are coloured amber and overdue tasks are coloured red. Completed jobs are shown in grey.

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