Edit Selected Jobs Profiles

This wizard allows bulk changes to be made to a range of job profiles in one operation.

  1. Select a range of jobs in the search results list by either:

    • Clicking the first job, holding down the shift key and clicking the last item, or

    • Holding down the Ctrl key while clicking jobs.

  2. From the right-click menu select Profile Selection. The Edit Selected Job Profiles Wizard will appear.
  3. The wizard welcome screen showing how many jobs will be affected by the process appears. Click Next to continue. The Select Edit Fields dialog will appear.

  4. Choose the field or fields to be edited by checking the boxes at the beginning of each field description. Click Next to continue. The Edit Fields dialog will appear.
  5. Edit the required fields (only the fields selected for editing in the above step will be available). Note that in the case of some fields, attaching and removing these attributes from jobs can be done simultaneously. Click Next to continue. The notification screen will appear.

  6. Check that the fields being edited are correct and then click the Finish button to process the changes.

Note: If a attempt is made to change a job's location from one area to another, a warning message will be displayed and the job will be skipped.

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