Import Jobs

When jobs are imported from a HowNow Export file, the dates and balances are reset and the status is set to Not Started. This allows, for example, last year's jobs to be recreated for the new year. 

  1. Choose Import from the Jobs Ribbon.
  2. The Destination Tab will appear
    • Location: Choose the destination for the imported jobs. Selecting a contact is not necessary as that information is imported with the job.

    • Job Type: This defaults to Use existing, but can be changed to a new job type which will apply to all the imported jobs.

    • Click Next.

  3. The Location Tab will appear. Click the browse button to select the folder containing the HowNow Export File to be imported.
  4. Click Next.

  5. A list of job meta-data files will appear. Use the checkbox beside each file or the Deselect/Select All button to deselect/select files for import.
  6. Click the Process button to start the import.

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