Export Jobs

The Export Wizard allows jobs to be exported to a folder on a hard drive.

When exported jobs are imported, all the dates and balances are reset and the status is set to Not Started. This feature allows last year's jobs to be 'rolled forward' into a new year.

To export a range of jobs right-click the selected jobs and choose Export.

The Export Wizard dialog will appear. The following options are available.

  • Include Profiles - this option is ticked to include profile information (meta-data) with the export.

  • HowNow Export Format - this option is ticked to export the jobs as a HowNow Export file. This is a single compressed file containing all of the exported jobs and their profile information. A HowNow Export File has the name HowNow_Export_YYMMDDHHMMSS (where YYMMDDHHMMSS is the date and time the file was created) and the extension of .hnj (for jobs)
  • Click the Next button to create the export files.

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