Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab displays contact search results and allows contacts to be added, edited or deleted (where users have the rights to do so).

Active Filter

This filter allows Active, Inactive or All (both active and inactive) contacts to be selected, and uses the Active check box on the Contact Details screen.

Apply Filter

This button displays the Filter Wizard dialog and allows filtering of any or all contact fields.

The Filter Builder allows the list of contacts to be restricted by applying filters on one or more fields in the contact database. For example, the list can be filtered to show only those contacts that are Individuals.

To create a filter:

  1. Select the Apply Filter from the contacts ribbon.
  2. Chose a Condition or a Group of Conditions
  3. Choose a field name
  4. Choose the appropriate comparison [equals, contains, etc]
  5. Enter a comparison value
    Note: the ‘Like’ and ‘Not Like’ comparisons use the % sign to indicate a wildcard.

For example, to display a list of contacts whose names begins with ‘C’ and who are Individuals, select field Entity Name, comparison ‘Like’ and value ‘C%’. Then choose the connection ‘And’, the field name ‘IsIndividual’, the comparison ‘Equals’ and the value ‘Y’.

Fetch All Data

HowNow limits the data retrieved to be shown on the grid, to increase performance when searching. In order to use the Apply Filter button on all Contacts they will first need to be fetched. This can take some time if tens of thousands of contacts are stored.

Data Refresh button

Follow this link to the Data Refresh documentation - you will have access to this functionality if you have been assigned as a 'Contact Updater' in Privileges.

Contact Repair 

Follow this link to the Contact Repair documentation - you will have access to this functionality if you have 'Administrator' access.

Excel Export

Use the Excel Export button to export the results of your current grid search into an Excel file.

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