PDF Tools

HowNow has two different PDF Tools built into HowNow Records, Convert to PDF and Combine PDFs.

Convert to PDF

HowNow can convert almost any Record that can be printed to a PDF file.  To convert Records to PDF, in the Records search results grid, right-click one of the records and click on Convert to PDF.

Combine PDFs

To combine a number of PDFs, select two or more Records (these must already be PDF files), right-click on one of the selected records, and click on Combine PDFs.

When combining you have several options:

  1. Provide a new title for the combined PDF document
  2. Change the order of the PDFs
  3. Place bookmarks inside the merged PDF to aid with navigation when the merged file is opened.
  4. Check the 'Delete Original PDFs' if the original is no longer needed (the files will be moved to the Recycle Bin).

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