Record Versioning

HowNow includes the ability to have a number of backup revisions of Records for easy retrieval.  The versioning system has been setup to be almost invisible/transparent to users unless users wish to revert to a previous version.

To setup Record Versions in HowNow, click the File Menu and choose Options, go to the Records Tab, and turn on Record Versioning.

From this screen you can also set how many versions are saved for Records on a system wide basis.  The number of versions can be set from 1 to 100 versions.

Once HowNow is set to save versions each time an editable record is opened, a new revision is automatically created.  If the document was modified, or the profile edited, when it was closed, HowNow keeps a new revision and checks to see if there are old revisions that need to be removed (if the limit of revisions to be kept has been reached).  If the document was not modified, the backup revision is removed.

To Revert to an older version, or Delete a version right-click on the Record, Profile, and in the Versions tab choose the version you wish to Revert, Delete or Open.

When a user reverts to a previous version, that current document becomes it's own version and the version being reverted to becomes the current document.

Documents with the status of Final are not able to be reverted or deleted.

By default any data record added to HowNow will have record versioning disabled.

Any record that has record versioning disabled can be enabled by opening the profile of a record and going to the versions tab.

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