Import Records

In the Ribbon on the Records tab click on the Import button

1.  Choose one of the following options from the Import Wizard. The options available will change with the subscriptions you have purchased.

  • Files in a Folder
  • Files in a Folder with Profiles
  • Files in a HowNow Export File
  • Files as Data Records
  • Files via MailScan [or use the Import Mailscan button on the ribbon]
  • Paper Buster Files

2.  You will be presented with the Destination tab

  • If the Workflow module is installed, optionally select a job. The contact and destination fields will be automatically populated and the cursor will move to the Link field if Record Linking is enabled or the Next button if not.
    Note: Right-click the field to add a new job if you are allowed to create new jobs.
    Note: Click the button at the end of the field or press Enter or type part of the job name to display the select dialog.

  • If the Workflow module is not installed, in the Area field, choose the appropriate area to save the record. For example, choose a Contacts area to save records contacts section of the Records Database; choose a Team area to add records to the user’s section of the Records Database. Choose an Admin area to add records to the Administration area of the Records database.

  • If Contacts or Teams was chosen above, select a contact or person from the drop-down list.

  • Location: Choose the destination of the record(s).

  • Link Code: (Optional - only available if Record Linking is in use) - enter a link code or use the browse button to choose a record to link to.

  • Description: (Optional) Enter a common record description.

  • Partner, Manager and Reviewer: Choose the appropriate people for these roles for the imported records.

  • Record Status: Choose a record status setting. The default is Draft for all import types except MailScan and PaperBuster where the default is Final.

  • Move Record, Else Copy: Check this option to move the records to the new location and delete the originals. Uncheck it to leave the records in their original location and make a copy of them in the new location. For PaperBuster the default is Move.

  • Click Next.

3.  If Data Records was chosen in step 1, the Application Tab will appear.

  • Application: (Mandatory) Choose the applicable application from the drop-down list. If the application you need isn't on the list, see Toolbar Applications.

  • Location: (Mandatory) Click the Browse button to select the location of the data files.

  • Title: The title of the record to be created. This field will default to the name of the data file found above.

  • Start File: The name of the main database file. This field will default to the name of the main data file found above.

  • Data File Extensions: The extensions of the types of files making up the client accounting database. This specifies which files are displayed in step 5.

4.  If any Files in a Folder with Profiles or Files in HowNow Export File was chosen, the Location Tab will appear. Click the browse button to select a folder or a HowNow Export File.

Click Next.

  1. A list of files will appear. Use the checkbox beside each file or the Deselect/Select All button to deselect/select files for import.

  2. Click the Process button to start the import.

Note: The 'Checked Out' setting of each document or record will be automatically cleared during the import.

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