File Notes

File Notes can be created and automatically filed as a Client Record text file.

The text file contains the date and time of creation of the File Note, the elapsed time, the contact details, the Preparer details, and the File Note title and details.

NEW FEATURE - Files notes can be minimised to enable using other areas of HowNow or to create an additional file note while still working on the original file note. These can then be maximised, finalised and saved. If a file note is still open when closing HowNow, you will be prompted to save the File Note.

A File Note can be created by right-clicking the Records (or Contacts) search results list and choosing File Note from the menu or by pressing F9 anywhere in HowNow.

  • If the Workflow module is installed, optionally select a job. The contact and destination fields will be automatically populated.
  • Add a Title and Link if Required
    Note: Right-click the field to add a new job if you are allowed to create new jobs.
    Note: Click the button at the end of the field or press Enter or type part of the job name to display the select dialog.
  • If the Workflow module is not installed, in the Area field, choose the appropriate area to save the record. For example, choose a Contacts area to save records contacts section of the Records Database; choose a Team area to add records to the user’s section of the Records Database. Choose an Admin area to add records to the Administration area of the Records database.
  • If Contacts or Teams was chosen above, select a contact or person from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the destination of the record(s) from the Location field.
  • Title – the title of the file note and the name of the resulting record file. Mandatory. A standard note can also be selected from the drop-down list.
    Note: the title can have the record ID, contact field values or dates automatically embedded.See Standard Record Titles for  more details.
  • Link - Optionally select a link code for this record.
  • Note – the text of the note.
    Note: use F3 to insert today's date and time into the text.
  • Timer – automatically records the time the file note dialog is open. Click the Stop button to stop the timer. The Stop button will change to Start to allow the timer to be started again.
  • Partner, Manager, Reviewer – selects the appropriate people in these roles for this file note.
  • Status – set to Final by default but it can be changed if necessary.

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