Adding Documents to Records

The types of documents added to Records usually relate to clients. Such as letters sent to clients, completed checklists, and completed workpapers, etc. But can also be for employees or firm related documents such as HR, administration, finance, etc.

Documents can be added to HowNow manually via Drag and Drop, by using the Right-click menu, using the Office Add-ins, scanning, using copy and paste, automatically from knowledge templates or merge documents.

Note: If the optional Record Management module is installed, HowNow can automatically create and save records in the Records database.

Adding Documents via Drag and Drop

Select one or more files from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, your desktop, or another application. Click on the selected files, hold down the left mouse button and drag the documents over the HowNow icon on the start or task bar but do not release the left button. When the HowNow main screen appears, move the cursor to the middle of the screen and release the left mouse button.

If the incoming file appears to be a data file (for example, one with an extension of .myo, .dat, .qbw or .zip) HowNow will ask if you want the file converted to a HowNow Data Record. If you answer yes, the Import Wizard will appear.

The HowNow New Profile Wizard - Destination appears.

Note: use the Preview button to preview the incoming document.

    1. Choose Records (adding Knowledge documents is covered under the User Manual - Knowledge Management).

    2. If the Workflow module is installed, optionally select a job. The contact and destination fields will be automatically populated and the cursor will move to the Link field if Record Linking is enabled or the Next button if not. 

Note: Right-click the field to add a new job if you are allowed to create new jobs.

     Note: Click the button at the end of the field or press Enter or type part of the job name to display the select dialog.

3. If the Workflow module is not installed, in the Area field, choose the appropriate area to save the record. For example, choose a Contacts area to save records in the contacts section; choose a Team area to add records to the       employee's section; choose an Admin area to add records to the Administration area. 

Note: the names of these areas will reflect the set-up of your firm's record locations.

Note: When an email is added to HowNow, an attempt is made to automatically find the appropriate contact via the email address or domain. If the file, HowNowExcludedEmailDomains.txt exists (this file is created from the Firm's Options and can be added to or modified as needed), HowNow will scan it for any email domain names that should be excluded from this process.

Note: When a file is added to HowNow, an attempt is made to automatically find the appropriate contact by assuming that the first word of the filename is the client 's code.

    4. If Contacts or Teams was chosen above, select a contact or person from the drop-down list.

    5. Choose the destination of the record(s) from the Location field.

    6. If Record Linking is enabled, optionally select a link code.

    7. Click Next for the New Profile Wizard - Records Profile.

    8. Enter the record Title or select a suitable title from the drop-down list of standard record titles.
        Note: the title can have the record ID, contact field values or dates automatically embedded.  See Standard Record Titles for more details.
    9. Optionally enter the record Description and any additional keywords.
    10. Optionally select a Partner, Manager, Reviewer, Preparer and Signatory. These will default in order as follows:

  • The details on the contacts tab for that client - if this is not available,
  • The employee defaults as set-up in the employee's profile - if this is not available,
  • The last options that were selected

    11. The default record status is Draft. To change this, select a different status from the drop-down list.
    12. Create Follow Up Task - if the Workflow module is installed, optionally check this box to create a follow up task on completion of adding the record.
    13. Click Next for the New Profile Wizard - Visibility - If the document is confidential or only to be made available to certain Teams select the relevant teams. Teams can only be selected in this Wizard by members who belong to             that team/s.

    14. Select Finish to complete the process of adding the document to Records.

Adding using Merge Documents – the resulting records are automatically saved into records. See Merge Documents.

Adding Documents via MS Office Add-ins

MS Excel and MS Word can have Add-ins loaded for easy adding of documents into HowNow.

Follow the steps for adding and using MS Office Add-ins. 

Adding Documents via MS Outlook

Adding emails automatically when sending and deleting is simple with the use of the Email Manager Add-in.

Follow the steps for adding and using the Email Manager Add-in.

Adding Documents via Scanning

HowNow can receive scanned documents and records either directly from a scanner or via email or a watch folder.
Scanner Direct: Most scanning software allows a Send To button to be created. In the field that asks for the application to send to, enter the path to the HowNow.exe file.
Scan to Email: If the scanner creates email, they can be either automatically captured by the HowNow Email Manager or by dragging and dropping them into HowNow.
Scan to Folder: If the scanner can save to a folder, HowNow can automatically monitor and capture files added to that folder. Folder monitoring must be enabled in Options and Employees.
In all cases above, the HowNow New Profile Wizard will appear and you can follow the steps outlined above in Adding a record via drag and drop.

Adding Documents via Copy and Paste

Copy a document from a location on your computer or from HowNow Knowledge, click anywhere on the records grid and press paste Ctrl+V, or select paste from the right-click menu.

Adding via Automatic Record Creation from template documents in HowNow Knowledge.

For this to be available:
A connection to an external contact database containing contact’s name, address and other details must be available.  

The field, File Automatically is selected (checked) in the template document’s Profile. The appropriate locations and (optionally sub-locations) are set up in Record Location Editor and the document can be assigned a default record title.
Double-click the required document in HowNow Knowledge or Right-click, Open. 

In all cases above, the HowNow New Profile Wizard will appear and you can follow the steps outlined above in adding a record via drag and drop.

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