Creating Master Style Templates

Master style templates allow users to use the standard HowNow merge documents but display and print them in the firm’s preferred format rather than the HowNow default format.

Note: Master Style Templates can be attached directly to a document. 

To create a master style template:

  1. Either create a new document template via right-click > New > New Word Template or drag and drop an existing Word template containing your firm’s letterhead style into HowNow. Set the Document Type to Templates > Master Style and set the edition to Current status.
  2. Edit the template and change the page layout, fonts and styles to suit your firm’s preferences.
  3. Create a bookmark called HowNowMasterBody where the body of the merge document is to be inserted.
  4. Create a bookmark called HowNowMasterEnclosure where the enclosure section of the merge document is to be inserted.
  5. Save the document. 

This master style document will now be available for selection when a new merge document is created.

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