Importing Documents

HowNow can import:

  • Documents from a folder on a hard drive, CD or memory stick,
  • Documents from a HowNow Export File,
    Note: HowNow will create a new edition of a document if it already exists in the database.

To import, select Import icon from the the Knowledge Tab.

The Import Wizard dialog will appear.


  1. Choose one of the following options:
  • Files in a Folder to import documents from a folder
  • Files in a Folder with Profiles
  • Files in a HowNow Export File to import documents stored in a HowNow Export File

Click Next.

    2.    The Location Tab will appear. Click the browse button to select a folder or a HowNow Export File, depending on the setting chosen above.

      Click Next.

3.    A list of files will appear. Use the checkbox beside each file to deselect/select the file for import.

4.    Click the Process button to start the import.
        Note: The 'Checked Out' setting of each document will be automatically cleared during the import.

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