The Duplicate Document Profile creates an exact duplicate of the selected document except for the title. When a document is duplicated, the document type can be changed and, if the document type is a document, a different document file can be selected.

  1. Right-click the document in the search results list and select Duplicate. The Duplicate Document Profile dialog appears. Note - Title Change Only is applicable to Firms who publish content.
  2. Title – Enter a new title for the document. If the item is an actual document, the duplicated file associated with the item will have the same name as the title.
  3. Type – a new document type can be selected if required.
  4. Source File Name – only visible if the item is a document. Use the browse button at the end of this field to select a new file to attach to this document.
  5. Destination File Name – only visible if this item is a document. By default, the destination file name is the same as the document’s title. Edit the file name if a different file name is required.
  6. Destination Folder – only visible if this item is a document. Use this field to change the destination of the file.
  7. Address field – only visible if the item is a Web Page. Use this field to enter a new web address.
  8. Click OK to duplicate the document.