Why HowNow Opens Documents in Read-Only Format

HowNow opens Knowledge documents in read-only format. This means that users can, for example, enter details into a form, or complete a checklist (and then save that document with a different file name), but users cannot edit the original master version of the document. This protects your HowNow content from being inadvertently changed.

Your HowNow Administrator or a Content Administrator can edit the master versions of documents. Also, the HowNow Administrator can nominate certain documents to open in an editable format (i.e. not in read-only format). This is appropriate for some types of documents, such as a spreadsheet that needs to allow data entry into the master version in HowNow – e.g. a Courier Log or Mail Ledger document.

Where you have Records installed, the document can be flagged to Automatically File, so that every time the document is opened, you are prompted to save to a record location.

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