What is HowNow

HowNow is all about making it easier to get your work done. If you want to know how to do something related to your work, or you want to find a document or a record, HowNow helps you find it fast. HowNow is also your reference database for all procedures, training and reference material. This means you can use HowNow to help you learn how to do higher level work sooner, so that you can progress your career and get greater satisfaction from your work.

HowNow is a Knowledge (Document) and Record Management System that makes it quick and easy to find any document you might be looking for, whether it’s a … 

  • Procedure
  • Position description/job specification
  • Checklist
  • Training notes from a seminar/workshop
  • Standard letter
  • Reference material
  • Form
  • Template email
  • Web page
  • Newsletter
  • Template spreadsheet
  • Multimedia file, or
  • FAQ (frequently asked question)
  • Any document or file your computer can open
  • A record


Terminology explanation: 

HowNow uses terminology based on international standard “ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems – Requirements” which defines a “record” as a document that provides objective evidence of activities performed or results achieved. For example, a letter sent to a client is a record. Completed forms, checklists or workpapers are also records. However, a template standard letter, or a template checklist is referred to as a “document”. Not until the letter has the contact’s and sender’s details inserted, or the checklist has been completed (i.e. “filled in”), does the document become a record.

HowNow is a faster way to find documents and records because you don’t have to know where a document or record is actually stored. You can search on keywords and/or you can click on simple filters such as the topic, or the type of document you are looking for. Any document or record is just a few clicks away. This means HowNow becomes your first step when starting a job or process. Rather than ask your manager or supervisor where to find something or how to do something, now you can simply (and quickly) search HowNow first. (This is easier for you, and it’s easier for your manager or supervisor.)

HowNow also helps with standardisation and quality, by making sure everyone in your organisation is working off the “master version” of a document. This ensures the documents you use are the correct, up-to-date and officially approved versions. It is poor practice to work off documents that are stored on your computer’s own Desktop or hard drive, because you run the risk of that document (such as a checklist, spreadsheet or other template) not being the approved and up-to-date version.

Another advantage of HowNow is that the procedures link together all the relevant documents and tools required for a particular job or process. A procedure in HowNow is a document listing a numbered series of steps explaining how to do something. If any step in the procedure requires a document or tool (e.g. a checklist, form or standard letter), a link is provided at that step so you can go to the document or tool with just one click. You then just click the Back button in the ribbon in Microsoft Word or Excel to return to the procedure and continue with the job. You will be amazed at what a convenient and efficient way this is to work.

By putting all of your organisation’s documented knowledge into HowNow, your organisation becomes “smarter” – it becomes more efficient, there is less “reinventing of the wheel”, and everyone is working off the most up-to-date “best practice” documents.

An effective Knowledge and Record Management System helps reduce the chaos and stress often found in knowledge-intensive organisations such as accounting firms and other professional service firms.

Remember, if you want to know how do to something or to find a document or record, search HowNow first. If you can’t find the relevant document in HowNow, see your HowNow Administrator. One or more people will be your organisation’s designated HowNow Administrator. These people will be responsible for managing your organisation’s HowNow content and firm options. So if there’s something you want added to your HowNow content, your HowNow Administrator is the person to ask.

If you have a document that should be made accessible to others in your organisation (such as a checklist or standard letter that others could or should use), email it to your HowNow Administrator so that they can add it to your HowNow content. The HowNow Administrator will ensure the document is given the correct description and classification within HowNow, making it very easy to find.

Your HowNow Administrator is also your contact point for technical support. If you have a query or problem with the software, ask your HowNow Administrator to log the query with the Business Fitness Support Team. 

Don’t be surprised, the next time you ask your manager of supervisor how to do something or where to find a particular document or record, if his or her response is, “Have you checked HowNow first?” Searching HowNow first saves your time, and it saves your manager’s or supervisor’s time.

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